We’re always looking for new contributors. If you are in the fledgling stages of your career in global development then we are interested in hearing from you. Click the links tab at the top of the page (in the middle) for all the different ways to get in touch. Before you contact us, though, please take a look at our guidelines.


    1. Please join our writers group on Facebook for tips, feedback and blog suggestions.
    2. If you a) write three or more articles and b) have written in the last six months you will become one of our Featured Writers.
    3. Typically, we like our blog posts to be between 400-800 words. Longer articles are possible but we will want them broken into different posts.
    4. Is your message best delivered in written form? Maybe infographics, pictures, audio files or videos would work better. Diversify our outputs!
    5. If you are not at the start of your career we might be interested in publishing your work, occasionally, if you are particularly interested in directing your article at industry newbies. We want to engage and learn with our peers, it doesn’t mean we’re not interested in those with greater experience.
    6. We aren’t here to promote your website or whatever else it is. If we like your submission we’ll put it up and link your Twitter or LinkedIn account but we’re not going to help you sell anything.

Things We Currently Want To Read

  • An interview with your boss/an older colleague. What do they want and expect from interns?
  • Tales of failure. Made an awful mistake as an intern or younger worker? Tell us about it. What did you learn? Who helped you? Did it put you off?
  • An article from someone interning domestically for an organisation that works in their home country.
  • Advice from someone who employs or manages interns. What do you want? What do you expect? What are the things interns worry about but they don’t have to?
  • Interns review…. university courses, books, jobs, organisations – let’s take a look at your perspective.
  • Junior/Assistant Researcher tales. Give us a glimpse into the often mysterious academic side of third sector life.
  • Coding for development. A new field mostly dominated by young people – some of you must be bottom rungers. Get in touch!

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