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Jennifer Ambrose

Jennifer Ambrose. Graduate student in International Development at Tufts University’s Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Rwanda 2010-2012) and recent intern at Innovations for Poverty Action in Zambia. Interested in aid effectiveness, program evaluation, and ethics. Looking for the middle ground between cynicism and idealism. She was named Editor-in-Chief of WhyDev in 2014.


Rebekka Bond. Interested in population dynamics, migration, equitable growth, and big data for development. Based in Ottawa, Canada. Presently completing an honours degree in International Development and Globalization at the University of Ottawa. Has worked in the public, private and academic sectors. Aspiring globe-trotter.


Tobias Bünder. Public Policy Student at Berlin’s Hertie School. Currently interning at the GIZ in Arusha, Tanzani. Having an interest as well as criticism for development economics, the Africa rising discourse and the weird world of the development industry. Also I like to play Tavla.


Ben Butcher. Interested in travel, languages and politics. Working in Brussels for Oxfam in their communications department. Studying at the University of Bath. Has previously written for bathimpact and also blogs over at Watching The Americas.


John Favini. Interested in anthropological approaches to development, agricultural programs, and sustainability. Pursuing a degree in international affairs with a concentration in development at Lafayette college. Former participant of CIEE‘s language and culture program in Dakar, Senegal and American University’s Washington semester program on Islam and World Affairs. A self loathing, Wolfgang Sachs reading, development intern.

gemma mcneil walsh.jpeg

Gemma McNeil-Walsh. Final-year undergraduate of development studies & economics at SOAS in London, and heading to the Oxford Internet Institute for my MSc in October. Interested in media, communication, Internet and ICTs on the African continent. I work in digital newspaper production, intern with SOAS Radio, and have spent the previous two summers working in Freetown, Sierra Leone on documentary and citizen journalism projects.



Rowan Emslie. Interested in culture, human rights and governance. Has lived and worked in London, Kampala, Nairobi and Berlin. Currently studies at the Hertie School of Governance and works at Globalo. Has written for Think Africa Press, GOOD and Vice Magazine, amongst others.

9 thoughts on “FEATURED WRITERS

  1. Olin says:

    I just saw this web today only. And I did go through some of the writings. They are really incredible . And i applaud the team for your writing in here and hope it conveys message to the global development practitioners out there. Keep exploring!!! 🙂


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