Development Intern is a Platform for young aspiring professionals in global development to share what they have learned and achieved. It will also Advocate for unpaid or lowly paid workers in the development industry as a whole. Finally, the community on here will seek to encourage and Support people struggling to make their way into their careers in development.


When you start your career in development you face a steep learning curve, a hugely varied amount of tasks and seemingly millions of acronyms. To make it worse, most of us start without or with very little pay and will have to fight hard for any low level position. Writing on this site is a great way to blow of steam, share stories and ideas or seek to clarify some of things that they’re learning on a day to day basis. It’s pretty hard working in global development; it might be even harder to actually get started.

For employers and older, wiser hands – this site is a showcase for your future colleagues. We try to seek out some of the best talent out there and give them every chance to make the most of their internships while they have them. If you want new blood or simply want to hear some fresh takes on old debates, take a look.


This site grew out of a personal blog – UpLook. After a few years, the author has mercifully stopped interning and, looking back on the blog, decided that some of the lessons learned through the process of blogging would be useful to others transitioning into careers.

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