The Internship Grind: Better Know An Intern #3

We love the Better Know An Intern series here at Development Intern. One of the main reasons to start this site was to build a platform for other interns so they wouldn’t be anonymous, interchangeable, part-timers.

Clement’s short interview profiles have reminded us how good it is to hear from a wide range of people (like our contributors). Do you ever feel like telling your story or giving your opinion on something in the industry? Then please join our writers’ group and pitch me your ideas!

In this Better Know an Intern, we get to better know Jolan Remcsak. He talks about coming from France/La Réunion, the need for more sleep as an intern, and how impending doom is the greatest challenge the United Nations faces today.

As always, help support the Internship Grind by contributing to Clement’s Generosity crowdfunding campaign. You can also check out his blog here.


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