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The Internship Grind: Tennis Court Oath

On June 23, 2016, the UN Interns Association was launched as a way to bring unpaid UN interns in New York City together to institutionalize a community.

I speak with UN interns Bolu Oyewale and Anke Van de Welde about what UNIA is all about and to other interns about why they think we need a UN Interns Association. I also spoke to Jolan Remcsak, another UN intern at the centre of organizing this organization, about the UNIA Executive, what it’s for, and how choosing the leadership for this executive will take place.

If you would like to run to become a part of the executive, please register at uninternsassociation.ga/ and tell interns more about yourself and why you want to get involved.

As always, help support the Internship Grind by contributing to my Generosity crowdfunding campaign:igg.me/at/vUrRUldFoEA


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