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Help us put together a list of Higher Education institutes, departments and courses that focus on global development.

It’s not always easy to know which course is right for you or even to really know how many choices you might have. We want to put together this list to make that simpler and help you make better choices about where you want to study development.

We also really welcome reviews of courses from students who are either already finished with their course or who are currently doing one. We’ll call this series ‘Bottom Rung Reviews’ – take a look at the Submissions page for more information on how to get involved.

Currently, we are running a series at the moment on the online Jeffrey Sachs course The Age Of Sustainable Development which you can read checking this tag. Also, we’d like to draw everybody’s attention to the new globaldev subreddit (which the link at the top of the page will send you to), a great place to discuss and share interesting links. Development didn’t have much of a footing on Reddit before this new sub came about so, hopefully, more development types will start embracing this wonderful platform.


One thought on “Higher Education & Global Development: Let’s make a list

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